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Turbo Stars - Rival Racing

Turbo Stars - Rival Racing is a heart-pounding, high-speed skateboard racing game! Take on thrilling tracks, outmaneuver your opponents, and put a fresh spin on kart racing in this wild and fast-paced game.

How to play

High-speed races

Race through exciting and colorful tracks with up to 11 opponents. Think fast as you collect items to gain an advantage, dodge obstacles to avoid collisions, and perform impressive tricks to earn more coins. Zoom into the tracks to get by and even throw your opponents into the air to take the lead! However, be careful not to fall off the skateboard.

Customize and upgrade

Collect as many coins as possible to get access to new items. You can unlock new tracks, boards, equipment, and power-ups and customize your character in a variety of ways. Defy gravity, grab coins, and wear crowns as you become the ultimate Turbo Star! Get on board and race to victory now!

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