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Gacha Life 3

Gacha Life 3 is a new part of the Gacha Life series, where you will design your own anime characters and become the true narrator at the same time.

If you love to create your own adorable anime characters and tell interesting stories about them, then Gacha Life 3 is the perfect game title to try now.

How to play Gacha Life 3

First and foremost, you’ll need to create an anime-styled character or even a number of them. It’s worth noting that these characters will be parts of future stories; thus, it’s good to think about the plot and narration before you start creating them. What will they look like, and how will they interact in the story that you will make?

After deciding what your characters should look like, it’s time to create them by picking hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and more from various customization options included in the game.

When all the characters are created, it’s time to move them to the studio and start building scenes and stories around them. Now, you will become a real narrator who tells stories about wonderful characters that you create yourself.

Game controls

Simply use the mouse to play Gacha Life 3.

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