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Gacha Life Maker

Gacha Life Maker is a popular dress-up game where players will have the opportunity to create virtual anime-styled characters of their dreams. The game offers plenty of customization options to pick from, in which you can freely decide what hairstyles, skin colors, clothes, accessories, and many other things your characters will have. You can also decide what actions the characters perform, such as eating, working out, and more.

How to play Gacha Life Maker

As usual, you will need to select the skin color and facial features of the characters. There’s a wide range of skin colors for you to choose from, including special ones like green and purple skins. Hair options also come in various types and colors. Pick ones that you’d like your characters to have.

After you’ve completed selecting the skin color, hair, and face of your characters, it’s time to choose their outfits. The outfit menu in the game has a lot of options, so you may spend a lot of time here. From a cute skirt to a fun hat, you will have lots of fun experimenting with the different outfit combinations.

Gacha Life Maker also has a picture mode where you can easily change the background pattern and the characters' emotions before the final picture of your character is taken.

Tips for playing Gacha Life Maker

Randomize. If you find yourself struggling to create your perfect characters, simply click on the dice icon at the top-right corner of the screen to get random ideas of how your character looks.

Don’t forget to try different color options. This way, you will know which colors look the best on your characters.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to play the game.

A lot of fun awaits you in Gacha Life Maker; do you want to check out this game now?

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