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Baldi's Basics

This is the first and only official release of Baldi's Basics, a horror-themed educational parody game.

The rules of this game are not as they appear.

Baldi's Basics is a meta horror game that takes its cues from spooky/bad edutainment games of the '90s and is just bizarre all around. To win, you must gather seven notebooks and then flee the school, but this is easier said than done. To devise a successful plan and avoid being caught by Baldi, you'll need to familiarize yourself with every aspect of the game. The keys to success include learning how to make use of Baldi's buddies, effectively managing the goods located throughout the school, and learning the layout of Baldi's school.


This game features a story mode as well as an unlimited mode.

In Story Mode, you must flee the school after collecting seven notebooks. When you have a lot of notebooks, Baldi can run very quickly. Difficult to master, but deceptively easy to understand.

• Infinite play is a race against Baldi to see as many notebooks you can steal. Baldi speeds up over time, but slows down after you complete a notebook's worth of challenges. You'll get more notebooks the longer you can slow him down.


This version of the game is an official port that adds touch screen controls to the original. Look in the settings menu to make some changes.

How to play

Uisng mouse

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