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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is an increasingly popular driving, action, and obstacle-overcoming video game with billions of players worldwide. In this entertaining game, your character will surely suffer a broken leg or arm on the long path to victory. Happy Wheels is based on the physics of ragdolls. You will be required to navigate treacherous terrain and reach the finish line at any cost, including severe injury. Driving is difficult! At each stage, you must select the appropriate character. This violent game may appear basic, yet it is incredibly gripping and unique. While playing this game, you'll never stop giggling.

Start with a wheelchair, navigate many steps, and avoid falling! Despite its apparent simplicity, several players have had to abandon the game from the start. Your head can make full contact with the impediment. Your helmet will slip off, and you will fall with it! When you are hurt, blood will always flow out. The game becomes increasingly challenging if you continue to overcome your injuries. The change in personality corresponds to the difficulty level.

Your objective is to guide these characters to the finish line with as little damage as possible. Using the full level editor, you can also develop and share your own bespoke scenarios. Play some of the over 10 million fan-created levels or some of the highlighted levels, which are the game's best levels. Happy Wheels is a game that you must play if you are an intrepid individual who seeks the most difficult obstacles. Will you be able to achieve the objectives without being injured?

How to play

Using mouse

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