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The Baby In Yellow

Kids are often adorable. The Baby in Yellow, however, is very different. You cannot lull him into submission or comfort him with a song.

How to handle a disobedient child?

Team Terrible has created a free online game titled Baby in Yellow. In this game, you will assume the position of a babysitter charged with caring for a mischievous infant. Your employment initially appears normal, until you realize something is odd. In addition to feeding the infant, changing his stinky diapers, putting him to bed, turning the lights on/off, etc., you must be on the lookout for his sudden assault! The baby in your care is not as pure as you believe! How long can you maintain your composure?

Explore a scary game with the potential to provide you with a challenge.

The farther you delve into the mystery, the more you will discover about the peculiar baby. If you let your guard down, he could attack you at any moment! Test it out and see!

How to play

Using mouse

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