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Friday Night Funkin Gacha Mod

Friday Night Funkin Gacha Mod is a new mod of Friday Night Funkin that features Gacha Life characters. If you're looking for a great combination of Friday Night Funkin and the entire world of anime characters, this game is definitely worth checking out right away.

In the game, players’ objective is to get into music battles, react to the beats, and win the game.

How to play Friday Night Funkin Gacha Mod

Again, it’s worth noting that this is a music and rhythm game, and you need to hit the notes of the song at the perfect time so that Boyfriend can win.

To be more specific, you have to hit the arrow keys on the keyboard when you see the same arrow symbols appear on the screen. Please do not do it too late or too soon; you need to do that at the right moment. Pressing the arrow keys too soon or too late all counts as a miss. And of course, too many misses consecutively will result in losing the whole battle.

Game controls

Use the Arrow keys or WASD on your keyboard to follow the rhythm, beat your opponents, and win the game.

Good luck, and have fun enjoying the game!


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