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Tictoc KPOP Fashion

Tictoc KPOP Fashion is a colorful fashion playground where you can freely express your passion for KPOP through unique outfits. In the game's virtual space, you will meet virtual characters with a unique KPOP style, from famous idols to promising rookies.

Starting with your outfit, you can choose from hundreds of diverse pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories, each reflecting modern KPOP fashion trends. You can combine them to create epic stage outfits or unique and dynamic everyday outfits.

"Tictoc KPOP Fashion" offers more than just costumes; it also allows you to experiment with typical KPOP star hairstyles, eye colors, and makeup styles. You can turn your character into an idol with strikingly colored hair or a unique rapper with an impressive makeup style.

The game also poses interesting challenges, such as designing costumes for comebacks or even organizing a virtual fan meeting. The judges will evaluate your creativity and the way you integrate fashion elements.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to select clothes and make-up


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