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Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt is a rally drift-oriented game in which the player must traverse hills while drifting on asphalt and gravel surfaces. With the introduction of Rally Racer Dirt, this genre is redefined; the controls are the most realistic and breathtaking of any rally game. Delight in the combination of realistically tuned mechanics and drifting, as well as intricate visuals, a variety of vehicles, and racing courses. Compete on the courses as Ken Blocks and Collin McRae do as rally racers. The game includes a real-time multiplayer mode, thirteen unique rally cars, tunable cars with modifiable attributes, cars and drive properties that can be upgraded, five tuned courses, and additional features. Challenge mode features sixty unique obstacles to complete, while Survival mode requires you to drift and drive for as long as possible while past checkpoints.

How to play

Using mouse

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