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Pride Rainbow Fashion

Pride Rainbow Fashion is a fun fashion game in which you help females find the best clothing for the Pride Parade. The game was developed by Gamerina and will be launched in June 2021. The game is web-based and may be accessed by PC, mobile, or tablet.

The game decorates each girl's outfit with a rainbow-inspired color, requiring you to go from one unit to the next to discover whatever color each princess has selected. You'll be able to try on a variety of summer dresses, floral tops, shorts, skirts, and jeans while dressing up each Disney girl in a vivid color inspired by the rainbow. Combine your favorite pieces of clothing to create stunning pride ensembles, then finish the look with summer hairstyles, vibrant accessories, floral headbands, and a striped flag. Finally, photograph your masterpiece and share it with friends! Let us share love.

How to play

Using mouse

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