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Pico Park

Pico Park is a team game with action and puzzle elements where you will go on an exciting adventure with your friends. You will find yourself in many different locations with a single goal: find the key and get to the next level. The puzzles you will have to solve to get there will be different, stressing you out and forcing you to think in non-standard ways to solve them. Furthermore, many puzzles require teamwork to solve them, so the more coordinated your actions are with the rest of the players, the better!

How to play

The first thing that catches your attention when launching Pico Park is its classic 8-bit design. Everything looks very simple, even primitive. The objects have rough pixelated edges and the characters look like some sort of little man or cat on little legs and little ears running around and jumping comically. In the background, you can hear music that is immediately reminiscent of Pac-Man and other popular games of the past.

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