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Share 2 2 2 is a real-time game in which players must paint their way through territory to capture as much of it as possible. Conquer the universe by customizing the map's hue. Be wary of other participants who may attempt to occupy your space.

How to play

Move about with your mouse while applying your color to the floor. In order to claim an area, glide over empty space and the paint of other participants, then establish a link back to your own color. When other players' tails are exposed, you can also entirely destroy their territory by crashing into it.

Moreover, your tail becomes vulnerable to attack whenever you venture beyond your color. Its destruction is possible if other players collide with it.

Your constant objective will be to reclaim your territory and capture theirs from other 2 participants. Consider land claim optimization from a strategic standpoint, and avoid becoming overly acquisitive!

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