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Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a combination of a standard management game and a business game. The player will transform into a blue overall-wearing, hard-working monkey. Your goal in making money is to upgrade and expand your tiny stall into a large store. You will spend your day as a laborer and engage in a great deal of planting, harvesting, and trade. Following each endeavor, you will earn your reward in cash. How remarkable is that?

You must move from station to station in order to cultivate and gather fruits such as bananas and corn. Place items on your stall so that clients may choose what to purchase. After choosing all they need, customers will wait for you at the cashier so you can make the payment. During this progression, you will be able to sell additional products. For a more realistic and engaging gameplay experience, Monkey Mart allows you to enhance your character and provide more area for planting and growing fruit. You can also hire new employees to improve the operation of your organization. The greater the size of your grocery store, the more consumers you must handle. There will be numerous other goods to unlock in order to diversify your business, such as breeding, milking cows, popcorn machines, ice cream, etc. Everything is awaiting your exploration, so why not press the start button and begin playing immediately?

How to play

Using mouse

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