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Holographic Trends

Holographic Trends is an arts and crafts game in the category of dress-up games. A young woman, Princess, uses her social media account to find interesting new hairstyles, clothes, and other trends. After discovering some great ideas, she asks players to help her recreate them. The game divides the request into five parts, consisting of circular paint areas in the metal box of the paint palette.

The player's first challenge is to try to make the princess's hair look exactly like an online photo. They must choose the right hair length, hairstyle, and shade of neon spray hair dye. The game introduces hair dyes in solid or striped spray cans of various colors.

After completing this task, the player decorates his jean jacket, jeans, and t-shirt. For each garment, they choose a pattern, add a black line from a series of options, and then paint it with tubes of fabric paint. The Princess will then prompt the player to apply nail polish and graphics to her nails. Finally, they had to pick out some stylish rings for her hands.

It's important to note that Holographic Trends requires players to watch ads to access every aspect of the game. It also does not allow the use of ad blocking extensions.

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