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Graduation Hairstyles

The beginning of summer is always graduation season, whether we're talking about kindergarten, grade school, high school, or, of course college, with one college girl currently having her big day, ending the school year, before she can start studying. When she enters the adult work world, she must celebrate, which is when this ceremony takes place.

For the ceremony, even though people wear gowns and hats, they still want to look impressive underneath, so help the main character of this game take good care of her hair, especially because you will be her hair stylist!

In the first level, apply shampoo and wash your hair; apply conditioner, blow dry afterwards; and you will also brush your hair up. To complete this stage, we spray hair styling gel. You then choose the hairstyle you want her to have, then use the products and tools provided to you to create that hairstyle from scratch, and we're sure it will look amazing!

You will then browse through the wardrobe to choose the clothes that the girl will wear underneath the gown. You can also choose accessories for it, such as jewelry, and don't forget to choose the shape of her eyebrows. Finally, you can paint and decorate both the gown and the graduation cap, and we are sure that you will make them match her outfit and hairstyle very well.

How to play

Usinh mouse

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