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Going Balls

Goning Balls is a fun skill game in which your reflexes are put to the test in truly insane levels. The objective of this adventure is to get the ball from the beginning to the end while avoiding obstacles along the route. Seems simple, correct? See how far you can travel.

To move the ball in Going Balls, you only need to drag your finger around the display. As simple as it sounds, you must be wary of the obstacles and perils you encounter along the route, such as leaps into the abyss that are impossible to overcome and hefty crates that disrupt your rhythm.

Controlling the ball is vital for completing each level. If you fast swipe ahead, the ball's speed will rise, and if you slide backwards, it will begin to slow down; each action must be calculated to avoid crashing or falling before passing the finish line as quickly as possible. You must collect coins and keys along the route to alter your skin and open chests.

How to play

Using mouse

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