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Flappy Bird

The video game Flappy Bird is an arcade title in which the player assumes control of a friendly bird that must navigate their way through a number of obstacles that are made up of pipes.

The gameplay is quite straightforward: you tap the screen to make the bird flap its wings while maintaining a steady rhythm in order for it to make it through the pipes that are strewn along its path. That is not something that can be accomplished without a lot of effort.

Some people find this game to be extremely frustrating due to the fact that if you collide with a pipe, your bird will be destroyed and you will have to start the game over. On the other hand, there are many who maintain that in order to achieve a higher score, it is necessary to either restrict your attention to the bottom pipe exclusively or pay less attention to the rest of the game altogether.

You do realize that this will be a difficult experience for you, right?

How to play

Using mouse

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