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Fairy’s Magical Makeover

Fairy's Magical Makeover is a fantasy game in which the player tends to a wounded fairy and bestows upon her an entirely new, enchanted appearance. The game was published in July 2021 after being developed by Gamerina. It is compatible with HTML5 technology and can be viewed on desktop, mobile, and tablet web browsers.

By engaging in the process of tending to and embellishing the fairy, players will be required to perform various tasks such as cleansing wounds, repairing broken wings, and removing twigs from her tresses. and dried her tear-filled face. You will then have the opportunity to completely transform the fairy by donning an assortment of exquisite garments, fashionable cosmetics, and a selection of new wings that are translucent, glittering, and available in every color of the rainbow.

How to play

Left mouse button


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