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Easter Glamping Trip

Easter is a fun and magical holiday filled with lots of fun, and we hope children, whether they celebrate Easter or not, will be curious to come and see this new Easter Glamping Trip where they actually get to play with Elsa and Anna, the Disney sisters we all know and love from the Frozen story.

We like our website very much because in this way they can be with their good friends, and of course you can share every experience together and become good friends more, so we hope you will be curious to come and try this new Easter Glamping Trip and help the girls Elsa and Anna have the best trip together.

So even though they come from the Frozen story, and in Arendelle it's winter most of the time, they still have spring, and they still love Easter, but anyway, these girls in the girls game—this new one, Easter Glamping Trip—is about modern-day girls, so of course it's spring in the game, and the girls want to have a fun trip, as the title of the game also says. and celebrate Easter together.

So first of all, of course, you have to dress up the girls, Elsa and Anna, and make sure they look amazing for Easter. You have many different hairstyles to choose from for them, as well as clothes, spring clothes, and accessories. Then you have to prepare everything for the holiday, which means you have to decorate the eggs and all the traditions that are waiting for you here.

How to play

Using mouse

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