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Classroom 6x3d2 player

Crazy Roll 3D

Crazyroll 3D is an addictive, endless running game inspired by the slope. Control a ball being pushed down a series of tilted and sloping platforms. Avoid all obstacles, collect diamonds and roll as far as possible!

How to play

Keep your eyes and reflexes sharp.

The ball starts moving slowly and gradually increases speed as you roll over boosters and ramps. Move the ball around obstacles and keep your eyes on the road ahead for upcoming challenges! Although the game is endless, levels increase the longer you survive. These higher levels have more moving and complex obstacles.

Pick-up power

On the map, you will find shields, magnets and 2x diamond power. Some of them are placed in difficult locations. If you're quick, maybe you can activate your shield to get one?

Every power-up has a cooldown effect, so time it wisely. For example, you may want to save your shield for a higher difficulty.

Collect diamonds to make purchases.

Collect as many diamonds as possible and spend them in the Crazy Roll 3D shop. You can buy more power and new balls of different sizes and speeds.

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