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Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit is a game that is simple yet addictive. The objective of the game is to achieve the highest possible score by directing a colored bubble into an upward cluster of other colored bubbles so that it connects to at least three other bubbles of the same color. If it appears impossible to strike a cluster with a direct shot, players can bounce their bubbles off the sides of the screen. Infuriatingly, players must manually determine the angle of the rebound because, unlike other comparable games, Bubble Hit does not display the direction of the rebound.

To play Bubble Hit, simply position your cursor where you want the shot to go, taking into consideration any necessary bank, and click the mouse. You may view the next color to be loaded into your cannon, along with a counter displaying a number between 5 and 0. The counter indicates how many shots must be taken until the stack of bubbles is replaced with new bubbles. Every time you successfully connect three or more bubbles of the same color, the countdown is delayed, giving you ample opportunity to line up the perfect shot.

Playing this game till the entire screen was cleared resulted in a score of 24,860 with an equal amount of extra points. Other observations regarding Bubble Hit include the fact that if bubbles of a particular hue are fully removed from the screen, you will never see them again. You can also earn bonus points by destroying "supporting" bubbles; if you have a shot that will take out a group of bubbles just beneath the support, those bubbles will break along with the ones you were attempting to burst, regardless of the number of colors they represent.

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