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BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife Life Simulator is a game in which you will be required to make significant choices about your life that will have an impact on the way it unfolds. For instance, you can tie the knot with the person you've known all your life, start a family, and pursue an excellent education. You can also choose some activities that, to be really honest, will give your parents nightmares, but hey, who knows, maybe they'll be entertaining? You have the opportunity to become a criminal mastermind, to find love or to begin your pursuit of adventure, to incite a prison riot, to smuggle bags of drugs, or to cheat on your lover. You get to choose your own adventure. Even though there have been interactive story games available for quite some time, this is the first text-based life simulator that will be able to recreate the story in a manner that is satisfactory.

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Using mouse

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