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Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is the most engaging two-player game for basketball enthusiasts. This game was created by Madpuffers and has beautiful 3D graphics, flexible gameplay options, and the ability to upgrade players.

Basketball Stars is said to feature detailed, intricate, and meticulous visuals. This is especially obvious by the crisp lines on each player's torso and the realistically rhythmic and flexible hitting moves.

Would you like to compete among legendary basketball players such as LeBron James, Derrick Williams, and Stephen Curry? You can compete with the best in Basketball Stars! This game provides players with two options: a brief match or a complete tournament. You can also play with family and friends in two-player mode, or you can play alone in single-player mode. It's exciting to win a medal during a game and see your name on the leaderboard!


How to play

Using mouse

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