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The multiplayer game is really addicting. The objective here is to stake a claim to as much area as you possibly can. As you make your way through the spaceship, make sure to move in and out of the safe zone quickly so that you may cover more land. To remove other players, you must cut off their escape routes.

How to play the game?

The gameplay of this dot io game is a mashup of the gameplay of territory-stealing games like 2, and the adventures of the crewmates and impostors from the internet smash survival game Among Us.

Every member of the crew is making an effort to secure as much of the spaceship as they can. Each of the player characters is given a color to represent their domain in the game. You will begin with a very little circle. Go around the outside of this circle to create a line, and then run back inside to complete the activity. You now have ownership of the region that is included within the loop that you have drawn.

By establishing loops in this manner, not only are you able to take fresh territory, but you are also able to chip away at the home zones of other players. Just be careful, since once you leave your secure area, you open yourself up to the possibility of being attacked. If another player enters your line of sight before you are able to complete the loop, one of your crewmembers will be eliminated.

This also applies to your own character; you are not allowed to step over your own line, as doing so would result in your spacebean being severed in half.

How to play

Using mouse