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Tallman Run

See how far you can get in the Tallman Run. Can you successfully navigate each obstacle course in this online running game?

Take control of a courageous stick figure and attempt to cross the starting line. You can gather power-ups that increase its size and height as you progress. In this 3D stickman game, there are numerous obstacles that will cause your stickman to shrink back to its original size. As your stickman attempts to master the numerous stages, it will acquire a plethora of gems along the way. With your coins, you can unlock other fun characters.

How do you play the Tallman Run?

Tallman Run is a hard and enjoyable skill game. Navigate a stick figure through a succession of obstacle-filled courses. If your stick figure is tall enough, it can jump or climb over obstacles. Each of these barriers can significantly lower the height and size of your stickman, so you'll need to collect power-ups to help it grow as large as possible.

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