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Gacha Life Boys and Girls

Gacha Life Boys and Girls is a casual role-playing video game. You will become a kind of anime maker with the objective of making your own anime characters, putting them into action, and telling stories about them.

For those who are big fans of anime, Gacha Life Boys and Girls, as well as other titles in the Gacha Life game series, are definitely must-tries.

How to play Gacha Life Boys and Girls

Welcome to the wonderful world of chibi characters and the fantastic stories about them!

In the game, you will need to create your own characters, environments, and, of course, dialogue and stories between the anime characters that you’ve just created.

The game offers various tools and modes, together with lots of customization options that allow you to design almost everything about the characters and stories you’d like to tell.

Of course, before putting your character(s) in a certain location and then arranging the story for them, you need to create all of the characters first using the character maker tools. Here, you can design characters to your liking with ease by picking the skin colors, facial features, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories that you want the characters to have.

What’s new in Gacha Life Boys and Girls?

In this version of Gacha Life, the character maker is expanded with new features. There are also additional backgrounds, more poses, more gestures, and more interaction styles for players to choose from.

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