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Stick War: Infinity Duel

Stick War: Infinity Duel is a game of action that can be played competitively. Your objective is to take control of a stickman so that he can catch a gun as it falls from the sky and eliminate your opponent.

Take a few slow, steady breaths as you prepare to enter an endless battle between stickmen. Your objective is to take control of a stickman, guide him to a weapon that is falling from the sky, and fire it at your adversary. Because the stickman cannot remain in one place for the entirety of the game, it may be difficult for you to maintain control of him. You should do all in your power to evade the strikes of your opponent and beat him in the lowest amount of time possible. Take cautious not to get burned by the lava! You will perish if you find yourself unexpectedly falling into it. The winner is determined by who gets there first with 5 points.

This game provides you with a wide variety of arena and weapon options from which you may freely select. In addition, there are "1 PLAYER" and "2 PLAYERS" game types that can be selected when playing this game. Play this game, and then show it to your friends so you may all participate in it together. Do you think you're the best shooter?

How to play

Using mouse

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