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Stick Duel Battle

Stick Duel Fight is an arena game that goes on forever and has a variety of close combat weaponry. You are about to go on a magnificent gaming adventure that will provide you with realistic weaponry, physics, and strategic terrain. In Stick Battle Duel's 2 Player mode, you and a friend can compete against each other on the same computer. in both the 1P and 2P modes respectively. You need to have flexible playing strategies in order to win, and you need to attack at the proper time in order to wipe out your opponent as rapidly as you can. In order to launch a successful counterattack, it is essential to collect weapons as rapidly as possible. Participate in the game and be the first player to get all five stars to emerge victorious from this multiplayer competition.


  • Use "ARROW KEYS" to Move
  • Use "L" to Shoot


  • Use "WASD" MOVE
  • Use "F" Shoot

How to play

Using mouse

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