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Red Shadow

Can you make it through Red Shadow without getting killed by any of the enemies? You are surrounded by foes, and they are able to launch attacks against you. You can choose to shoot them in order to gather coins or you can avoid shooting them in order to reach the finish line. The game will gradually get faster and more challenging as it progresses. Will you emerge victorious in the end?

How to play the Red Shadow game?

You are a missile with a bullet push that is infiltrating the area of the opponent. The adversary is constantly present, but the work at hand is relatively straightforward. It is necessary to attack them and shoot them in order to acquire the coins. You have the ability to sidestep them and go forward even if there are too many of them. By accumulating as much money as possible, you will be able to modify the plane and boost its power so that it can better withstand the opponent's unlimited attacks.


How to play

Using mouse

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