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Rally Legend

The objective of the game Rally Legend, which is an obstacle avoidance game, is to navigate a rally vehicle around a muddy track while avoiding a variety of hazards. You can improve your automobile by saving up enough money. Just replacing it is still another alternative.

How to play the Rally Legend game?

At the beginning of a rally, an automobile is sent into motion along a path that is completely straight. You can make a course correction with a tap. When you press the screen, it will either move to the left or the right depending on which direction you choose (but your initial tap will always send it to the right). The opportunity to travel to other countries is yet another advantageous feature (you can continue going left until you reappear on the right hand side of your screen). Trees, tree trunks, fences, and boulders are just a handful of the perils that could potentially occur in any random direction or grouping. That does not in any way make the game go any faster.

You can now steal goods from foes in addition to the cash and immunity you get by running into them. This is a new ability that was added recently. During the time that you have immunity, your rally car's speed will increase, and it will be unaffected by damage. Warnings that the shield's destruction is imminent will appear as flashing lights on the screen. One ought to be aware of the fact that it is physically impossible to acquire immunity while already possessing immunity.

How to play

Using mouse

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