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Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog is a puzzle game in which your wits is required to defend your dog from swarms of deadly bees. Pass through the screen with extreme caution.

Safeguard My Dog is a game in which you can save your dog and make him happy. Little animals can be rather intrepid and mischievous on occasion. Observe your tiny friend accordingly!

In this puzzle game, safeguarding your tiny dog should be your sole concern. Typically, he can be spotted standing on various platforms near hazardous locations, such as beehives. The bees will certainly sting him regardless of his actions. Observe him closely and put lines around him to dissuade bees. Also, you must keep an eye on the platforms he is standing on to avoid him from falling off and harming himself as a result of the bees' attempts. You will be able to return home clean and happy with your favorite pet if you complete this vital task over forty delightful levels.

How to play

Using mouse

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