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Mahjong Titans

Mahjong Titans is a simplistic and simple one-round version of the classic Mahjong game that makes use of the Turtle tile layout. Find the pairs that go together. Try to find unoccupied tiles on either the right or the left side of the board. They must be combined in order to eliminate the pairings from the table in order to clear it completely.

How to play the Mahjong Titans game?

The objective of this brain teaser is to remove all of the tiles from the table. You can remove tiles from the board by merging them into pairings that are already present. You need to be able to slide out a tile on either the right or the left side in order to be able to pick up a tile and build a pair with it. The tile cannot be entirely or partially covered by any other tile, nor can it be covered in part by any other tile.

How to play

Using mouse

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