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Idle Restaurant

Have you ever pondered how to become a millionaire mine manager? Manage your Restaurant and idle profit to become an industrial magnate and earn enough money to make your desires come true! Expand your multimillion-dollar restaurant empire and increase your productivity with specialized restaurant administrators who will automate the restaurant's workflow! Discover the optimal investment strategy for managers and earn as much money as possible in this online and offline simulator! Find gold and become wealthy! This is not a clicker game, and unlike other online clicker simulators, there is no need for continuous tapping.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon is a simulation game that combines restaurant administration with financial investment in order to generate profits and become a renowned, wealthy millionaire. This Restaurant strategy simulator's objective is to construct and optimize resources to maximize productivity and idle benefits: Using the income from the mine, you will need to engage and pay managers and Restaurant employees, upgrade your Restaurants' buildings and equipment, and optimize your workflow to ensure the optimal timing of the entire Restaurants and management operation. In this manager game, you can become a Restaurant manager tycoon capitalist, build a millionaire empire, and generate a massive profit by optimizing the Restaurant workflow.

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Using mouse

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