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Idle Farm Tycoon

If you love farming and idle games, then you should try Idle Farm Tycoon, a free online game that will let you create and manage your own farm. In this game, you will have to plant and harvest crops, sell them for profit, and upgrade your farm with new equipment and facilities. You will also have to merge your crops to unlock new and more valuable ones.

How to Play Idle Farm Tycoon?

Idle Farm Tycoon is a game that is easy and fun to play. You will have to follow these steps:

• Choose a plot of land to start your farm. There are many plots with different sizes and prices.

• Buy seeds and plant them on your land. You will have to water them and wait for them to grow.

• Harvest your crops and sell them to earn money. You will have to collect the coins that appear on your land.

• Use the money to buy more seeds, land, water, and other items for your farm.

• Merge two crops of the same kind to create a new and better one. You will have to drag and drop the crops on each other.

Why You Should Play Idle Farm Tycoon?

Idle Farm Tycoon is a game that will make you feel relaxed and satisfied. Here are some reasons why you should play this game:

• You can enjoy the simple and colorful graphics and sounds of the game.

• You can learn about different types of crops and their characteristics.

You can improve your farming and business skills by making smart decisions and managing your resources.

How to play

Using mouse

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