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Ibiza Pool Party

This summer, the weather in the city turned out to be extremely hot, so Ariel and Elsa made last-minute arrangements to escape and relax by the pool. Ibiza seemed like a good option for their vacation, and you are invited to join the ladies there for some summertime fun! In this online makeover game, Elsa and Ariel have prepared some female summer activities for you to enjoy. Are you women prepared for an exciting trip to Ibiza? Then, immediately begin the Ibiza Pool Party and have a blast with your beloved Disney princesses!

The first item on your agenda is a visit to the local spa, where Ariel and Elsa desire to receive special cosmetic treatments. The girls will be attending a pool party later on today, so your task is to help them appear fabulous! Are you prepared to impress them with your abilities as a beautician? Then rush up and join Queen Elsa in the spa as she's the first one to discover your beauty treatments. Elsa's skin should be treated to a delicate algae face masque, and her body should be lubricated with nourishing oil. Apply a salt scrub to the body, rinse it off, and then liberally apply sunscreen moisturizer to her face and body. Never expose yourself to the sun without adequate protection, women. Sunburn leaves severe marks on the skin and accelerates aging. Are you prepared for more?

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