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Dodge Hero

If you love stealth and shooting games, you might want to try Dodge Hero, a game that lets you sneak your way through high-rolling heists and dodge state-of-the-art security lasers. You can also collect items like guns and upgrades and shoot the enemies that are coming against you. The game is available online for free.

How to play Dodge Hero game?

Dodge Hero is easy and fun to play. You just need to use your mouse or finger to move your character and avoid the lasers and obstacles. The game has one mode: survival.

In survival mode, you will face different levels of difficulty and challenges. You will have to dodge the lasers that are moving or rotating in different patterns. You will also have to shoot the enemies that are trying to stop you. You can collect items like guns and upgrades that will help you survive longer.

You can also use your shadow to predict where the laser will come and plan your moves accordingly. You can also use the walls and corners to hide from the lasers and enemies

Dodge Hero is a game that will make you thrilled, alert, and have fun at the same time. If you are looking for a new action game to try, give Dodge Hero a shot and see if you can dodge your way to victory!

How to play

Using mouse

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