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Cube Quest

Cube Quest is a game that tests your agility and requires you to flick lightweight hollow cubic dice across special rubber mats. Cubes that move off of their mats are considered to have lost. The players take turns until one of them triumphs over the adversary's king and wins the game. In hostile territory, cubes also run the chance of being defeated; if they land with the "shadow" side facing up, this indicates that they have been kidnapped, and they must be rolled like dice to determine whether or not they may escape.

The cubes each have their own unique set of advantages and special skills, such as the ability to take more flicks, immobilize hostile cubes, revive lost cubes, or hide before a strategic repositioning.

A straightforward point system is used throughout the game to facilitate the construction of unique armies. The pre-battle setup consists of making a strategic choice among cubes with a maximum combined value of 40 points each to fight alongside the player's king. Also, each player decides where to place their cubes, allowing for the creation of completely unique offensive and defensive formations and structures!

How to play

Using mouse

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