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Basketball Challenge

The sport game Basketball Challenge is designed to be played in a very casual manner, and all you have to do is shoot some hoops. Grab hold of the ball, and then use your swiping motion to send it flying through the basket. You have the option of playing this game in the "Regular Mode," or you may play it in the "Endless Mode."

How does one go about playing the Basketball Challenge?
To shoot the ball, you need to tap on it and then swipe in the direction of the basket. You are awarded one point whenever the ball is successfully passed through the rim. On the other hand, you will receive two points for a successful shot in which your ball completely penetrates the basket without touching either of its sides.

You can make your way through each level of this basketball game in the standard mode one at a time if you choose to play it that way. In each of the levels, you will be tasked with accomplishing a particular objective, such as "scoring five points while using a moving backboard."

You may also play the Endless mode to see how many points you can rack up before you make a mistake and miss a shot. You are permitted two mistakes before the game is over, but if you make a third one, you are eliminated.

How to play

Using mouse

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